When You Need to Be Seen Fast

Our Urgent Clinic is designed to get patients in quickly that have immediate needs. If you have a rash, a changing mole, or growth on your skin, having a dermatologist evaluate your skin conditions early, often leads to better outcomes.

At Valley Skin Institute we take the emergency needs of our patients seriously. So we reserve time each Friday to accommodate the urgent needs of both new and existing patients. Contact our office at 559-472-SKIN and let the scheduler know that you have an immediate need.

Need Stitches? Skip the ER!

stitchesWhen your son calls to tell you he busted his chin open at basketball practice, skip the emergency room.

When your husband slices his finger while cutting bread, skip the emergency room.

At Valley Skin Institute we provide urgent care services for lacerations. Dr. Ruegner is an emergency room physician who works full time at our office.

If it’s a weekday between 7:30 and 5:30 come to our office.

If this is a life-threatening emergency, call 911