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Patient Photo Galleries

A 62-year-old male with a growing bump on the lower lip for five months. Mohs surgery was performed, the lip was pinched together, and the extra skin removed.

Removal of the extra skin enabling the area to be closed
After Mohs surgery was used to cut out the squamous cell
Immediately after sutures were placed

3 months post op

A 46-year-old male with a growth on the arm for 1 year. Biopsy showed basal cell carcinoma. Mohs surgery was performed to help the cosmetic appearance of the tattoo.

Before Mohs Surgery

Defect area after Mohs surgery was complete and cancer was removed.

Patient 3 months after surgery

83-year-old with a rapidly growing bump on the lower lip for two months. Mohs surgery was performed, and a xenograft was placed over the wound to help it heal.

Pre-operative photo of lip

After Mohs has cleared the tumor

After a lab-engineered skin graft has been placed

6 weeks after healing