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When You Need to Be Seen Fast

If you have a rash, a changing mole, or growth on your skin, please contact us right away. Because having a dermatologist evaluate your skin conditions early, often leads to better outcomes.

We offer two options for urgent care.

E-Visits with Dr. Leslie Storey

If you are an established patient of Valley Skin Institute, then you will love this new timesaving option for medical care, called e-visits. Simply download our electronic medical records app on your smart phone, click “e-visits,” and then follow the prompts.

For a cash fee of $150, you will receive Dr. Storey’s prompt medical evaluation and advice remotely through your mobile device. It’s fast, secure, and the future of medicine, available right here in the Central Valley of California.

While medical insurance does not currently cover this service, we have found that many of our patients prefer using this option because of the convenience and speed.

modmed Telehealth
modmed Telehealth


At Valley Skin Institute we take the emergency needs of our patients seriously. If you require immediate attention due to a changing mole or other skin emergency, we will get you in the same week. We reserve time each week to accommodate the urgent needs of our new and existing patients.

Having a dermatologist evaluate skin conditions early often leads to a more rapid diagnosis, the most effective treatment, and better outcomes.