November November, 2019

National Healthy Skin Month – Skin Care Tips


November is National Healthy Skin Month, so it's the perfect time to talk about skincare. Unfortunately, November is also when the weather turns cold, causing many people to experience challenges. Considering the skin is the body’s largest organ, it’s essential to take care of it.  Below are some tips to help you care for your skin properly this fall/winter: 1. Wash Your Face Daily We know this may seem obvious, but you would be [...]

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October October, 2019

Learn 6 Simple and Effective Tips for Managing Eczema


Eczema, which is also known as "atopic dermatitis," is a common condition that affects people of all ages. This condition, which causes redness and itching, can be both frustrating and embarrassing. Fortunately, if you are proactive about treating your eczema, you can minimize the symptoms and enjoy a better quality of life. What Causes Eczema? Your skin is responsible for protecting your body from the environment. Researchers believe that eczema develops because of [...]

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June June, 2019

What’s the Best Type of Sunscreen?


There are two types of sunscreens, physical sunscreen, and chemical sunscreen. Use a physical sunscreen for the best protection against the sun's harmful rays. Physical sunscreen is the best because it works as a shield Dr. Leslie Storey recommends a physical sunscreen that features zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect your skin. They sit on top of your skin, forming a barrier to protect you from the sun. This type of sunscreen is [...]

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October October, 2017

Welcome to Valley Skin Institute!


I am so excited to be able to offer a complete skin center for the Central Valley. Having grown up in Fresno and watching my dad (Dr. Gary Storey) dedicate himself to caring for urology patients, I feel like my professional journey has come full circle. Like my father before, I now have the opportunity to give back to the Central Valley by providing exceptional patient care. At Valley Skin Institute, we have put [...]

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